How To Play

Welcome  to Match Battle, a platform for sport’s loving crazy indians who can play and win beyond their fantasy by using skills and knowledge regarding game.

Here few easy steps are:

  • Create your team: Now you are ready to pick your team. With Match Battle, you have a virtual budget of 100 credits  to spend on picking your team. You cannot exceed this budget.
  • Assign captain and vice-captain of your team. Once you’re happy with your team, click ‘Save’ and you’re ready to enter game.
  • Join league: You can view all league. Choose between big cash prizes in the multiplayer games, the glory and bragging rights of the one-on-one games, or anything in between.
  • Check your points scoring card. Your team scores points based on the real-world performance of your team.
  • Results: Once a game has concluded and winnings have been paid out, all information regarding your teams and games.